About Us

As a firm, with an increasing acceleration, we are proceeding with strong steps since 2010. Now we export to 35 different countries, included Turkey.

As a firm we know and we believe that, if we aim to be successful and one of the well-known brand at both national and international markets in footwear sector ,

  • Holding customer satisfaction at the highest level;
  • Producing qualified, strong, and modern shoes;
  • Most importantly, being far from sensibility of immitation, creating our own models and lines,
  • Ozil Ayakkabi serves goods and services which are high- qualified and suitable to international standards  with its workers by extending customers` expectations.

During proceeding on this way, our company`s the most significant powers are the brands that have been positioned. We now  target to combine convenient price and quality with pandew brand. pandew Brand, mostly concentrates on daily shoes collection, nowadays become a well known company in both social media and foreign marketplace.

Our other brand bravelli has a collection for special customers who desire for high quality. We would like to be a Turkish Brand situated in the market where mostly Italian brands are ahead of and constitutes the 10% of shoes sector. In this way, Ozil Ayakkabi targets to be a symbol of reliability, continuity, and respectability for its country, clients, and sub-industry.



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